Friday, 1 May 2009

Walking the dog

We took our neighbour's dog for a walk today. Ozzie is a cute little black and white thing with an over-riding urge to bark at any other dog in the vicinity. He was a great excuse to get myself and the children out for some fresh air and exercise. My little girl in particular was more than willing to walk to the park, around the park and home again without one single whinge. We also got chatting to some ladies training who were training Milo, a competitive obedience veteran dog (now, why don't we enter children into competitions like that?) I only had to scoop up one poop and then we got to give him back. It was fun. I am definitelya cat- rather than a dog-lover, but I can see us asking to borrow Ozzie again.
(No pictures, I was too worried about taking my hands off the lead and losing him! Once I am more confident the neighbour's dog won't disappear on my watch, I'll take some snaps.)


Jane D. said...

love the idea of obedience competitions for kids - sign me up!

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to see a photo of Ozzie!