Saturday, 23 May 2009


We've had a bit of an insect themed week. Strictly speaking, not just insects but all things creepy-crawly. It started with this colouring competition I came across to colour in outlines of butterflies. I was very impressed with my daughter's peacock:and my middle son's rendition of a tortoiseshell: This gave me the idea of watching the whole of the David Attenborough series "Life in the Undergrowth" which is fascinating and repelling in equal amounts. There is something disturbing about wasps laying their eggs inside other creatures! We saw some colourful dragonflies (or damselflies, they didn't stop still enough for us to tell) at Bedfont Lakes yesterday and we also have some bumblebees of our own:
And to cap it all, we found a whole nest's worth of baby spiders on the outside table:


Jane D. said...

Good old bugs - I found one of our Horrible Science books on bugs by the loo in our house yesterday!

Kathy said...

Lovely coloring by the children. What *are* those lavender-colored flowers?

Gaynor said...

They are actually lavender. Last year I got 6 free lavenders from a magazine, all different types. Some did not survive the football season but this one is thriving. I love the "rabbits' ears" petals but I'm afraid I have no idea what sub-species it is!