Thursday, 28 May 2009

Holiday Club

This week our church is running a holiday club for the children. My husband is on the music team and I decided to treat myself to that most rare of things for a Home Ed mum: time alone in the house. It started yesterday morning and I wrote a long list of all the useful things I could do: filing my sheets from the creative writing course I was on last week, renewing the house and car insurance, doing the end of month family accounts and so on. And then I noticed that itch of resentment, that little voice that I am learning to trust: 'this is supposed to be my holiday and I've got so much to do.' So I didn't. I did a jigsaw.


Jane D. said...

:o) well done Gaynor!

Kathy said...

Good for you! Sometimes when I'm alone in the house I feel a momentary panicked feeling: what should I do with such a gift? And how not to squander it? It's a rare treat.