Thursday, 7 May 2009

Taking Stock

I have worked quite hard in the garden this spring, having been given some friendly direction and motivation in the autumn, and I am beginning to see shape and vision coming through. There is no colour scheme and some plants are not happy but I am feeling the very tiniest bit in control. In some parts of the garden, at least, I am calling the shots.
When something is growing (a garden, children, my sense of self) it can be hard to see the progress. It is easy to compare the current state of things with how I would like things to be and to feel discouraged. Looking back and seeing where I have come from is what brings to my attention the strides that have been made:

Late Summer 2006

October 2008

May 2009

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Jane D. said...

I am sure that just as you are growing as you get to know yourself so will your garden grow as you get to know it - it's looking fab!