Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Journey North Tea

A good few weeks after the end of the project, we have finally got round to celebrating finding all 10 mystery locations of the Journey North Mystery Classes 2009.

We invited a lovely couple from our church to tea and the boys explained to them how we had tracked down the places. We had food to represent each location, although some of the links were a little tenuous.

Here, alongside our graph of each class's photoperiod, are green cupcakes to resemble Adelaide's famous frog cakes and yellow cupcakes in place of Thailand's suncakes. There is cornbread for Iowa; avocado and tomato salad, which was a recipe from Mozambique we found on the internet; and pineapple and melon, tropical fruits to represent the Pacific Island of Palau.

Below, you can see the sandwiches, to remind us of Bird Island which is part of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, filled with Swiss Cheese; a jug of tropical fruit juice for Thailand and, in the background, a bowl of seaweed crackers. These were for Homer, Alaska, the halibut fishing capital of the world. I wanted fish shaped crackers but we couldn't find any in the supermarket so we opted for seaweed, to represent the sea and all things fishy! We also served hot chocolate for the cocoa producing Cameroon.

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Jane D. said...

What a lot of hardwork! Well done all of you!