Monday, 18 May 2009

Tonight's the night!

Three weeks ago I mentioned that I had signed up for a course on Writing Commerial Women's Fiction - well, it starts tonight! I have to confess that I am very nervous, from the trivial, (where will I park?) to the significant, (am I any good at this?) Having had a sneak preview of the other participants on the on-line conference, I am intimidated by their concrete achievements and published works. I got my final mark from my OU course and I was a little disappointed and my confidence has taken a knock. However, I am hanging on to the encouragement I have. My tutor's comments contained much positive praise, I have had cheering from the side-lines in the comments on my blog (thanks Kathy and Jane!) and my very generous mother has contributed a significant amount to the course fees, (thanks mum!), demonstrating her belief in me. My husband is ready to be home promptly and do bedtime all week, my son has willingly given up his Tuesday night activity so that I can have the car. All that remains is for me to show up and see what God has in store!


Jane D. said...

Praying that it will be more than you could ever have imagined Gaynor x. (and that you get parked okay!)

Kathy Grubb said...

OH! You're probably there right now! OH! I'm praying you walk away blessed! You are talented! And God has Given you plenty to say! WOOO HOOOOO!