Thursday, 22 January 2009

Taste and See

Kathy, over at 10 Minute Writer, has suggested another Freewrite. I like freewriting, it makes me think that at least I'm doing something as a writer, no matter how small, and I like the prompts that Kathy gives.
This prompt seems particularly timely for me. Yesterday, my vicar sent out his monthly update and in it was the reminder to "Stop focussing on what God is not doing but rejoice in what he is doing, not concentrating on who wasn’t there but on who was there."
This week, God has brought up for me again something he was bringing to mind in the Summer, that is, my tendency to sit, like the Prodigal Son, in the pig-sty instead of heading home to the feast table my Father has prepared for me. What keeps me here? Self-pity, self-image, attention-seeking, familiarity, fear.
In an appalling witness, I don't really like to talk to much about what God has done for me, it doesn't really fit in with my wallowing too well!
So here, in response to Kathy's prompt, and God's goodness, are some of the things He's done for me in 2008:
I have to start with the car. I was reminded this week how God has already been planning our replacement car before our first car broke down. He knew and He had it under control.My cat Barney. I love him in a quite over the top and silly way, and he was, unmistakeably a gift from God. I had a couple of particularly fab holidays in Wales, climbing mountains on one, a weekend away from my family,and a family camping trip on the coast with stunning weather and excellent ice-cream.We received some very generous financial gifts and in particular a friend is continuing to support me with an on-going financial commitment as well as paying for a replacement train ticket when I mistakenly threw the first one away! (Generosity and grace!)
Friends have come over and helped me in my wilderness of a garden, helping me to believe that it can be transformed.
God has met me over and again on short retreats and blessed me with six days with Him in October.
Just a few things (my ten minutes is up!) to remind me that I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good!


Jane D said...

Praise God for he is sooooooo good!!

Kathy Grubb said...

You're a doll to cross post!

I am very blessed to hear how Great Our God Is To You!

Kathy Grubb