Thursday, 15 January 2009


Yesterday I was tagged (thanks Fibrefairy!) This is a new thing to me and, as with all new things, I am a bit worried about doing it 'right'. Am I following 'netiquette'? With the god of blogging strike me down? But I'm having a go. Something with four, clearly written rules, surely can't be too hard?
These are the rules:

1. Take your fourth picture folder
2. Fourth picture–no exceptions!
3. Post it, and tell about it.
4. Tag four more people.

Here is the randomly generated photo:
It is my eldest son's 8th birthday. I don't think he's had his hair cut since so, as you will see in more recent photos, it's a lot longer. A lot longer. Last time I took them shoe shopping the assistant brought out girls' shoes for him. She was far more embarrassed than him as he is getting used to it. He doesn't like being mistaken for a girl but he does love his hair and that wins out. I think that shows depth of character and tenacity.

I guess from the look on his face that he has just walked into the room and is admiring the stash of birthday presents and the homemade birthday cake. We have a tradition of birthday cake for breakfast, which is great fun, and I always write the birthday child a long card recounting their victories and developments for the year as well as praising them for who they are. I hope that, in years to come, each of them will have a treasure trove of memories and blessing and reminders of how they were noticed and cherished. I was touched to hear my son tell a family friend about the cards they receive and how it is one of the best things about a birthday!

First three rules, checked off; this brings me to the last rule - to tag four more people. I'm not someone who copies on e-mails, the type that tell you to send it on to 10 of your closest friends, so, in the same vein, I'm not going to pass this on. (Sorry - but I just don't feel quite comfortable!) However, I would just love it if anyone who reads my blog and has a blog of their own would like to take up the tag. It was fun digging out a random photo and reminiscing over it. It was great inspiration for a blog post. So, if you fancy the challenge, find that fourth photo in your fourth folder and post about it. Let me know and I'll link from here.

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