Friday, 23 January 2009

Sometimes I am a good mum

It is sometimes painful to see myself reflected in my children. There are unkind words, tones of voice and sulky complaints of which I recognise myself the scriptwriter. And then there are the moments when an eight-year-old is looking over his younger sister's maths book and says, "You might want to look a that one again." This is something I always say; never, "You're wrong" or "You've made a silly mistake", but always a pointer to reconsider and to ask for help if it's needed. I was pleased and proud when I heard him say that; pleased with and proud of him for treating his sister with respect and gentleness, pleased and proud of myself for modelling it.

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Jane D said...

Amazing how we can focus on the bad and not the good - the good is so worth celebrating! Well done!!