Friday, 9 January 2009

Double Dutch

While we were away we discovered the Disney DVD version of Trivial Pursuit. A fantastic game for our family, entertaining enough for me and my husband and yet accessible for my 5 year-old. (We have done a lot of Media Studies on cold and dreary afternoons so she is well versed in Disney films!)
On our return we received a cheque from the boys' godparents for a Christmas and birthday gift and they agreed that buying the game for our family was a good use of this money and I eagerly ordered it from Amazon. Much to my delight it arrived on Wednesdayand I mentally re-planned the day so we could fit in an afternoon game. However, on unwrapping it, I discovered that it was in Dutch! Amazon have been very efficient in sorting out a replacement and I am now anticipating the arrival of an English Language version, hopefully in time for a Sunday afternoon game.
There was one brief moment though, as I contemplated the hassle of re-wrapping the parcel and taking it to the Post Office, where I considered keeping it as a fun way to learn a new language. I think that would be Home Education going just a little too far!

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