Thursday, 1 January 2009

Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth

New Year's Day is a day for hope, for believing that things will be different, better, this year. I have always loved setting New Year's Resolutions, things that I will begin, do more of, do less of and do better. As the years have passed I have become less enthusiastic and have even felt, this year, that there was little point. As I become a more reflective person, I am constantly assessing where I am and what I am doing and so the turn of the year seems less significant. There is also the temptation to begin to believe that nothing will ever change.

Yesterday, while out running, I stopped to watch the sun rise above a bank of fog. We were up in the Yorkshire Dales, above a valley filled with cloud. The edge was tinged apricot and we waited and watched while the earth span just a little more and the sun was too bright to look at. As we turned to resume running, I was stunned by the colour of the hill behind me, glowing orange as it reflected the direct rays of the sun. I was reminded of a poem which my mum used to read me: 'Say not the struggle naught availeth' and its last line: 'In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly! But westward, look, the land is bright!'

In looking up the poem, oh, the marvels of the internet, I read again the first verse: 'Say not the struggle naught availeth ... and as things have been, they remain.' Although change may not be sudden or easy, it is a death to hope to believe that things remain as they always have been. I am looking forward to the growth that this year will bring!


Jane D said...

You've got me going Gaynor

Anonymous said...

hello! I just found you from Jane's new blog :-) just had a mooch round, feeling inspired, exhausted and inadequate in equal measure by everything you do!!
Sorry neither of us has time to chat that day in Teddington when you were off shoe shopping!