Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lost and Found

My emotions have been somewhat fraught this week. When we arrived in Swaledale, my friend Kate announced that she had found us a car. The perfect car, just what we needed, at a price we could afford and we could even have it the next day. However, as the week proceeded, first the current owner couldn't get hold of her new car and didn't want to let this one go until her replacement arrived, then she wanted cash, which was difficult to access at a moment's notice. Would we, wouldn't we? As the week went on I worried more and more, although I was aware what a waste this was! Although we had had no expectation of coming home with a new car, having had the possibility introduced, I was very disappointed that we might lose it. Eventually, on Thursday, the lady rang to say that we could take it and Kate is driving it home for us today.

As we approached home last night, the children were excitedly talking about who would get to hold Barney first. They raced in and searched the house for him, while my husband stood at the kitchen table reading the note from our neighbours saying that they hadn't seen any sign of the cat since Thursday morning. We were gutted! I was in tears, the children were in tears. I was convinced that he was dead. We sadly put the children to bed and sat glumly, trying to work out all the possibilities and the likelihood that we would see him again.

This morning, I returned the borrowed car and ran home; resiting the urge to come straight back fret I put in a few miles. All the time I was hoping my mobile would ring. At the vet's, I peered in, hoping to see a notice that a cat had been found and then I took the route round behind the house - calling his name. I studied my husband's face at the window as I came up the drive, but there was no big grin.

Looking into the garden from the lounge, there was Barney! He was ambling around without a care in the world. I rushed out to get him, scooped him up and brought him in. He looked at me as if to say, "Remind me again who you are?" There has been great rejoicing in our house and he has been well cuddled.


Jane D said...

so glad he's been found, and hope the car is everything you hoped it would be!

Kathy said...

So happy you have Barney back again! I'm totally smitten with that cat. *Must* have one just like him! (though I do have two much loved cats...secretly, I want a third!)