Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday

While we were away in Yorkshire, my middle son celebrated his 8th Birthday! We had birthday cake for breakfast, a tradition in our family,and went to the Pantomime in the afternoon. I am a big fan of Panto and had a great time shouting and singing and trying to explain to my five year old that, yes, it is a man dressed as a woman, photo courtesy of Google Images

and no, it's not a real cow!
I think Panto is a peculiarly British thing. A few years ago my mother took my American sister-in-law, niece and nephew to see one when they were over for Christmas and I think they were somewhat bemused!

I am still feeling that I am running flat out just to stay still but yesterday I read this comment on Comfort Queen has made me rethink the rest of my week:

I will look at the list each day and do those 2 or 3 things that seem most
important that day and take the rest of the day off — whatever that means for
that day.
I am aware that I often sabotage my own efforts to rest and relax and that I allow my 'to-do' list to tyrannize my life. While the problems with my car and the time and effort that has caused, was out of my control, I know that I am guilty of letting myself get pushed along with a 'what can you do' attitude. So, in the spirit of the above quote I have ruthlessly cut back my expectations for today. This is what I am going to do:
  • Wednesday morning Communion at church.
  • Half-an-hour with my eldest son on the current Bravewriter course we are doing.
  • Poetry Tea Time with birthday cake (no baking cookies!)
  • Read my new writing magazine for at least 10 minutes/one article.
  • Read my book and eat my Christmas chocolates quietly upstairs without the children!
  • Host a church meeting this evening.
  • Attend my regular Wednesday appoinment.
  • Feed myself and the children!
Let's see how I get on!

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Jane D said...

How did you get on Gaynor - 8 things - that's a lot!!