Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Writing to my MP

It is five days since the publication of the Badman Review and the heated comments on a number of e-groups I belong to is bordering on overwhelming. Despite my 'shoot from the hip' e-mail to Ed Balls (Education Minister by another name) and visit to the Liberal Democrat's second-in-command at his constituency surgery, I have still not written to my MP (although my friends and family will tell you that I have not been silent.)
So, my plan is to use my blog and writing time to come up with a pithy and well-reasoned letter, send it to my MP and tout copies of my letter around my friends, asking them to send one too. If you'd like me to e-mail you a copy (when it's written!) for you to send to your MP too, please let me know!


Jane D. said...

yes please Gaynor I'll have a copy.

Kathy said...

Waiting to hear what happens...thoughts and prayers are with you!