Thursday, 11 June 2009

I am so angry I could weep

Today is the birthday of my blog. However, I have other things on my mind this morning:

Dear Mr Balls,

I am writing to let you know of my shock and outrage at your proposal to insist on all Home Educators having to register their children and the allowance of the link between Home Education and child abuse to be continually made in the press and your report.

I cannot conceive of another population group being so slandered or that any other way of life or belief would be publically linked with abuse in this way. I have seen no evidence that Home Education is cover for abuse or that registration could prevent abuse. Baby Peter, Victoria Climbie, and Kyyra Ishaq were known to the authorities and still died.

I have given up my career and salary in order to provide the education for my children which I believe to be best. The schools the government provide are, in many cases, not good enough. Many children are withdrawn from school following inadequate provision for special needs or becuase they are not protected from bullying.

I am ashamed to have voted for this government which is slandering and accusing without foundation or evidence a dedicated, caring and self-sacrificing group of parents. I will not be voting for this government at the forthcoming general election.

From now on, there will be many who know nothing more of Home Education than that our democratically elected government believe it to be a cover for child abuse. I think this is disgrace. I would urge you to withdraw not only these recommendations but the wholly unfounded accusation that I and many of my friends should be suspected of child abuse.

When I am calmer, I will revise and edit this and send it to Mr Balls. This is my first draft, written in anger and dismay.


Jane D. said...

Gaynor - I think this is very well written already, do (when you feel calmer) send it to Mr Balls, I was very upset this morning when I read about this on ceefax. Would it also be worth sending it to the letters pages of the Big papers?

Anonymous said...

send it as it is! it is the fire & the fury of this , and the responses I've seen today from many other hone edders that will make a difference.