Tuesday, 9 June 2009

There are neither rights nor wrongs in gardening. Only experiences.

I across this quote this morning as I was searching the internet for how to propagate a fuchsia. (I had a go last year but with no success. I have a few new ideas now.) I visited an old friend yesterday, god-mother to my middle son, and it was great to see her. She has just moved house and their new place has a fantastic, mature garden with loads of places for the children to explore and hide. My wilderness looks pretty sorry to me in comparison and I am often troubled by guilt that I am not making the most of the space I have, either for the children or growing our own veg. I fear that by the time my garden is mature and child-friendly, my children will be too old to want to play out there (maybe the grand-children will!)
I find it hard to be patient with the garden and with myself as a gardener but I find inspiration in the above. I endeavor to stop chalking things up as right or wrong and instead count as gain all my experiences.

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