Tuesday, 30 June 2009

28th June 1999

This year you have been a gymnast
And film director too,
Tried your hand at skating, knitting:
Is there nothing you can’t do?

Two Bravewriter courses, Book Worms,
Art course, Holiday club and more...
Journey North, piano, Latin,
Primary Maths Challenge: Bronze score.

Travels far and wide have taken
You to Yorkshire and to Wales,
Puffins met and beaches played on:
Fun in Dorset never fails.

June saw us on Mersea Island,
HESFES fun and games for all.
September brought Barney to us:
Cute and fluffy ... oh so small!

Swimming lessons, Kids’ Church, Breakout,
Discovered ‘Star Wars’, got to know
All the films and learned to play
A Battle Game with evil foe.

You’re writing ‘Waterworld’ and typing
The manuscript so that one day
It may be published, and to stardom,
Fame and fortune you’ll be on your way.

You organise your time and bedroom,
Scour the library for more to read,
You play at Harry’s, have lots of pen-pals,
(But bed-time you don’t always heed!)

You’ve grown up so mature and handsome,
Confident to speak your mind.
An aspiring author and an artsit,
Earnest, lovin, gentle, kind.

Long blond hair and deep green eyes,
Growing confidence and style,
Witty, clever, slow to strop,
With your special trademark smile.

Double figures, one whole decade,
No more little baby blue.
Where will the next ten lead, I wonder?
Whatever you choose, know we love you!


Jane D. said...

this is beautiful gaynor!

Jean said...

Awwww, that is lovely, Gaynor!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful poem to your son. Have a lovely holiday. Viv x