Thursday, 4 June 2009

A New Lens

I am an avid follower of the Bravewriter blog and this post by Julie gave me food for thought. I can find it very frustrating when one of my children is just not interested in doing or learning something which I like or think is important.
I have been having an ongoing and very polite, battle of wills with my eldest over the issue of typing. He hates to type and finds it very slow. He writes prolifically by hand and I spend quite a bit of time typing things up for him. As his ambition is to be an author and he is many pages into his first book, I am unwilling to commit to this arrangement long-term. I want him to learn to type. I assure him that, with time, it will come as quickly and easily as hand-writing. We have tried three different touch-typing programmes. He has patiently endured them, for he has a law-abiding nature, but he finds them 'boring'.
It was his idea to begin to type out the hand-written first draft of his novel. Sentence by sentence it is gradually growing. He is willing to do ten minutes each day and I know that this kind of regular practice will bear fruit. He is pleased with how it looks and I am glad that we found a new lens for looking at typing,

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