Monday, 8 June 2009


"I've come to realise that you most probably won't find a pearl if you only
pick oysters once a year.... I'll learn to put up with the bad stuff,
remembering that the more I do of it, the closer I get to coming out with
something good."

I read the above (in Peter Elbow's 'Writing with Power') last night. It specifically refers to writing and, as I stick to my aim of 500 words a day on my writing projects, I am learning to blast through that self-critical, 'this is rubbish' voice and keep writing; trusting that, in the 9,000 words I've written since finishing my writing course, there must be something good.

I also suspect that this is true of Home Ed life and family life in general too. There is plenty of dross, plenty of nagging and complaining and whining, plenty of muddy, dreary moments. But the more time we spend together, the more times I seek to create an interesting, exciting or special time, the more pearls we find together.

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