Friday, 26 June 2009

Shhh, can you hear the ...

We sorted through our year's work and filed it neatly yesterday. When Dad got home from work, we sat in the garden with tea and treats, showed off the files and shared some of their poetry. The children read short cards which they had written to me about the year gone and we delcared it The Summer Holidays!

So today, my eldest is setting himself some writing goal to further his career as a novelist and the two 'little ones' are glued to the laptop watching children's tv on CBBC i-player.

I took a puzzle and a coffee outdoors. I could hear the aeroplanes as they hauled themselves into the sky from Heathrow airport and set off over my head, I could hear an agitated squirrel and some happy birds. I could also hear a faint, yet persistent, rasping noise. Unable to figure out what it could be, I determined to track it down. In a large plant next to the decking, I could see a gathering of snails. The sound drew me in their direction and eventually I honed it down to one particular individual. Watching it closely I could actually see it extending its head (do snails have heads?) and drawing it back over the leaf. I could hear the snail eating!

I have to say, that's not a sound I have ever heard before!

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