Friday, 3 September 2010

Toy Story 3

We made it to the cinema yesterday, after our failed attempt on Tuesday, to see 'Toy Story 3'.
We all enjoyed it and had a great discussion over lunch around waste-disposal, the rise and maintainance of dictatorships, whether a character damaged by rejection can be described as evil and the nature of mercy.
I was expecting a proper tear-jerker and had ensured that I had a good supply of tissues in readiness for the ending, having heard tales of the final scenes making grown men cry. It was not, however, the final parting of teenaged boy and his faithful toys that moved me, but the near destruction of the gang as they battled to reach their owner. Despite knowing that this would not be the end (after all what kind of kids' film climaxes with the heroes incinerated?) I had to wipe away a few tears.

"We should pay close attention to the things that make us cry, for
there we are not far from the heart of God or our own." ("Running
on Empty" Fil Anderson

So, in a moment of unexpected prickling in my eyes, I ask myself, what is it about this that is moving me? In this case, deep friendship, trials endured, victories won, growing up, real connections, acceptance of the end? Stuff close to my heart.

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