Wednesday, 8 September 2010


There really doesn't seem much else to write about in my life at the moment than these two dogs. Discussions are running high as to whether we might get a dog of our own. As we let them out in the sunshine of Bushy Park yesterday afternoon and the children and I tramped through the bracken enjoying being outdoors, I was ready to head straight to a puppy breeder and hand over cash. After it had rained and we came home with the smell of wet dog filling the car and two muddy dogs in my utility room-come-office I was less sure. As I went to bed and stroked my cat (who is camping out upstairs so now I have cat food in the bathroom) I was relieved by his complete indifference to my presence. At last, someone who didn't want something from me, but was soft and fluffy and purred.
With the start of term, laminated time-tables and all, and two energetic dogs, it feels as if my life has gone into fast forward. The dogs are proving a draw to the neighbourhood children too and so both my middle son and my daughter had friends to play after school. From waking up to putting the children to bed feels like one long sprint, always five minutes behind where I should be. I successfully exhausted the dogs yesterday, by a quarter to nine they were flopped on the floor, the only problem was that so was I!

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