Wednesday, 1 September 2010


September is here again. I’ve had a break from the blog, but have been starting to miss it. An unexpected stab of jealousy when one friend told me that she would be starting one, and again when another mentioned hers, led me to think about returning. So I’ve changed the look and come back fresh. Only I don’t feel so fresh. It’s been a tough few months with a close family member having major surgery. The op was six weeks ago and yet the situation currently seems worse than before. I keep thinking that we have ‘turned a corner’ but it’s not the case, at least not yet.
My husband went back to school yesterday (in August!) and I thought I’d take the children to the cinema. I am used to the cinema being empty on weekday, on the rare occasions I go, and had not accounted for the fact that most children are not back at school yet and that I was not the only one with “2for1” vouchers from Tesco. It was full! Three disappointed children and our end of holiday treat, well, just not.
I am planning to ‘start term’ on Monday but I don’t want the next few days to drift by. I now have a DVD film to watch (we rented a couple as a ‘making up for missing the cinema’ treat and it seemed right to get two at the time, but I can’t remember why!) and repeat cinema trip to fit in. We have a Sports Day to go to and a Home Ed group to return to, but it all feels like rather random pieces. I really want to get some rhythm back. Following this desire, I have laminated individual time-tables for the children to start crisp and clean on Monday, but my middle son wants to sell muffins to the school kids passing and we will have two borrowed dogs to walk. In my efforts to achieve order and routine, perhaps what I really need is school!

And yet, I have all this to remember:


Jean said...

Hey! Glad to 'see' you back! Sorry to hear about the surgery and slow recovery bit. Hope they are gaining strength and agility soon. Love seeing S (she's getting so big!), J, F (so blonde!) and you (looking great).
We're doing more structure this year than ever before, to fill out anticipated transcripts for future college admissions. I'm teaching a geometry class, and co-sponsoring a History of Western Civ. class, another mom is teaching biology. And then there is swimming, Shakespeare, creative writing and orchestra. Plenty to keep us all busy!

Jane D. said...

so pleased to see you back, loving the piccie of the children each with a dog!

Gaynor said...

Thanks for the welcome back.
Great to hear about your plans in the US, Jean!
I should say, the dogs aren't ours but borrowed for the purposes of the walk. Beautiful - both dogs and countryside!