Thursday, 9 September 2010

I have my wobbles about my educational choices for my children, I am not always sure I'm getting it right and there are times I worry that will have disadvantaged them for the rest of their lives. I try hard to remember that learning does not stop at 18 and that much of what I have learned has been since I left school and that the most important thing that my children need to learn is that they can always learn. What I hope they see in me, at least sometimes, is someone who is willing to try new things, to embrace new experiences, who is willing to learn. I hope they see it in me as I, with no experience of dogs, take on two King Charles Spaniels and muddle through the day-to-day routine, as I take them to the rock wall climbing and they can climb higher than me but I'll give it a go, as I figure out how to put a horse-rug on a nervous horse and as I start adult ed Watercolour classes next week.

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