Thursday, 16 September 2010


At the moment I am reading ''The Genesee Diary" by Henri Nouwen. His writing is rich and deep and I am savouring it, reading just a little at a time. I was struck this week by his description of feeling ''empty and fatigued" from the conflict he experiences around interruptions:
"Instead of simply accepting the good interruption and enjoying it fully, I am holding back."

Far too often people in my life feel like interruptions. I have something I want to do, an agenda of my own and others get in my way, prevent me from reaching my goal. I feel this especially with the children, and the busier and tireder I get, the more I feel it. It takes an effort of will to remember that they are my agenda, they are my goal, the situation in which I find myself is God's will for that moment and that interruptions can be fully enjoyed.

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