Friday, 17 September 2010


I can knit a little. A square is well within my capabilities, maybe a striped or textured square. I have even made a few hats. I look with envy on blogs like 'Handmade Homeschool' at the amazing creations - and so many! This is someone who can read aloud to her children and knit at the same time! However, without serious investment of time and effort, I will never knit like that. Today, she posted about knit-a-square. This is something I can do, a way to enjoy my simple knitting skills and know that something useful will come out of it, something to help me sit quietly on the sofa and relax without thinking I should be doing something else. This is something I shall be doing this Autumn.

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Dawne said...

Glad to have you on board! Knitting for Knit-a-square is such a pleasure and it's a great project for involving the kids!