Monday, 18 January 2010

The Weekend

A very dear friend of mine had the three children over to her home on Friday night for a 'sleepover' and then again on Saturday afternoon. They had a great time, watched Disney films, stayed up late and just hung out. On Friday evening, I felt under a certain amount of self-generated pressure to 'make the most' of the time. What could I do that I wouldn't be able to if the children were home? By the time we'd done a few bits and bobs of admin, it was the children's usual bed-time and I fretted that we wouldn't really feel the benefit of this most precious gift. I sat a the table, completing a jigsaw, chatting with my husband and listening to cheesy Friday night music while he created a delcious rissotto. We ate with 'Frasier', an old US sit-com we loved in our pre-children days. I got an early night.
I woke on Saturday thinking, 'Is it Monday morning?' - I felt as rested as if I had had a whole weekend. No, not Monday, not even Sunday, but only Saturday!
In the afternoon, when the children were back at my friend's, following her marathon training long run and their film club, we flopped on the sofa with 'Hancock' and chocolate. We had wanted to go on a walk in the Surrey Hills, but the forecast was for rain so we'd made alternative plans. Although it was dull and cold, it wasn't actually raining and my disappointment tipped me off that I didn't really want to walk that much so we stayed in. I was fearful that we were wasting time, that we should be doing something more 'useful' and 'productive' with this free afternoon. However, relaxing, just being, spending time with my husband, has been wonderful and I feel refreshed and ready for another full on week of Home Ed!


Jane D. said...

Sounds like you had a really fab time, well done x.

Kathy said...

What a gift! Down time--especially unstructured time--is so good.