Friday, 22 January 2010

Two lovely afternoons

Wednesday saw us continuing our journey through my cook-book. We have reached: My son was particularly impressed with the topping, a simple mix of lemon juice and demerara sugar. He was delighted with the way the juice soaked in leaving the crunchy sugar crystals on the top.
He declared them to look like salt mines, and 'sparkly'. They tasted good too.
We had a surprise visitor, and I don't think he quite knew what to make of Poetry Tea, but he pitched in with a couple of limericks from memory and was impressed both with muffins and eldest son's home-penned poem.

We had an unexpected free afternoon yesterday and I offered it up to the children to choose what we did. Middle son was very keen to bake, alone. The other two denied him permission to move on in the cup-cake and muffin book, as those recipes are for Poetry Tea alone if it's the first time their made, but we did find butterfly cakes, a simple sponge mixture we've all made countless times, and he was allowed to make them. They were perfect: light and fluffy and cooked just enough. Quite a skill for a nine-year-old.
There was nearly an hour with middle son cooking, eldest on the computer typing his novel and scouring the net for Doctor Who trivia and little girl collecting stones and making her own garden outside. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. I'm not too sure what area of any recognisable curriculum they were covering, but they were all purposefully engaged and yet I wasn't required.
The other request was for Freewriting, another Bravewriter idea, so, with tea and butterfly cakes they wrote and then drew while I did my jigsaw.
Learning, relationship, cake. Sounds good to me!

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Jane D. said...

what a great couple of afternoons, very sorry I couldn't make it for those lemon cakes, they look yum!