Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy Birthday

It was my middle son's birthday yesterday. This year, more than previous years, it just seemed too close to Christmas and I found it hard to get really enthusiastic. I was anxious that the day wouldn't really be special, but he told me, as he went to bed, that he had had a lovely day. We had gone to church in the morning and the talk was on family, bringing up kids in particular. With our own particular filters, my husband had heard much that he felt congratulations on, stuff we do well, whereas I found much that we don't do, or that I wish we did better. Our vicar talked of traditions, family rituals, those ways of doing things that are special and anticipated. Birthday cake for breakfast is part of our family celebrations and I always write each child a special card with words of affirmation both for what they have done and who they are. I love to see their faces as I read these out to them and I hope that they will provide a document of their achievements and progress as well as tangible evidence of our love for them in the years to come.

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Jane D. said...

Nice to see you back Gaynor - I think this is a wonderful tradition, having done some good words of affirmation for Si in his scrapbook (a Christmas present) and seeing his face, it is something I will definately try and do more of x.