Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More snow!

I had just about had enough. The pavements have been slippery, preventing me from my stress-relieving and head-space provideing running. The roads have been an unsightly mixture of slush and ice. The car is filthy. And this morning we woke to fresh snow! Although it didn't seem to me any better than last week's, local schools didn't close and Wednesday church was not cancelled. I brushed off the car, loaded in three children and two neighbours and we set off. My middle son did the reading and we all enjoyed some cake, some tea, chatting with our friends and looking at a different four walls!
We have come home to play in the snow, an alternative to our planned swimming trip. I think I can pass this off as both PE and art!
Plans for the afternoon? Hot chocolate and a film, cosy and warm!


Jane D. said...

Is that a snow cat I see there with your snowman?

Gaynor said...

I do believe it is a snow baby! (I'm glad I took this picture, because shortly after the snow mother's head fell off after being 'accidentally' knocked by an older brother! She was repaired, but we're not sure if she'll ever be the same again!)

Kathy said...

LOL! Love the story about the snow mother's head falling off. Our snow is gone now, and we've had spring-like temps of 45 F and higher for days. The children play outside much more, now, but the downside is all the mud being dragged in.:-)