Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Good Sort Out

It seems a good time of year to tidy up. There are all the new presents to be homed, the new books to be shelved and all the new clothes to be put away. The problem is, of course, all the other stuff that we have. Yesterday I conquered my sons' clothes drawers. Bagfulls of too small, too dirty and just-not-liked garments exited our house, to the recycling or the charity shop depending on their state. Forgotten items, one or two even still had the labels on, were discovered at the bottoms of drawers and the son who frequently wears his shorts, even in this weather, because he 'has no trousers' found a couple more pairs buried and inherited a couple more from his taller brother.
Too confident and flushed with success, I over-reached myself this morning. Children were set-off simulaneously to tidy bedrooms (youngest two) and to start sorting all the over-size books (eldest). Less than an hour into the morning, I had bags of rubbish, recycling and charity shop donations littering the landing, it was impossible to walk across the lounge due to the piles of 'history' or 'science' or 'animal and bird' books and I had developed a thumping headache! However, in an effort which felt similar in proportion to Creation itself (well, almost) order was brought forth from chaos. The children's bedrooms are clear and I can get to the television again. I will have to live for a few days with four cardboard boxes of books, still categorised but not yet returned to shelves.
For me the achievement wasn't so much the tidiness, calming and beautiful though I find it, but the fact that no-one got shouted at and I was able to leave the job unfinished!

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Jane D. said...

Yay - nothing like a jolly good sort out is there - I still have the childrens rooms to sort out!