Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Junior Monopoly

I was in the charity shop yesterday, trying to retrive my son's favourite joke book which I had cast out because it was too big and awkwardly shaped for my newly organised post-Christmas bookshelves, and I was lucky enough to spot Junior Monopoly. Monopoly has been growing as a family favourite since the summer and, as well as keeping us entertained, has provided many lessons in fair play and gracious losing. However, it is a long game. On Sunday we played for two hours and called it to a halt at the first bankruptcy rather than prolonging it to the bitter end. Once again we were comprehensively beaten by my six-year-old daughter who has uncanny fortune with the dice and ruthless instincts in the property arena.
The Junior version could just as easily be named 'Monopoly Lite'. Based on a fun-fair, you buy any 'amusement' you land on and immediately set up a ticket booth to charge the other players entrance fees. There is a cafe to which you can be sent back, like jail, stations which earn you an extra roll, and Chance cards bringing both blessings or loss. A whole game with three of us took just less than half-an-hour and my youngest two were well able to play a second game without adult help. While it wouldn't fit the bill for a serious afternoon's gladitorial game-playing, for a low time commitment option or for the children to play with their friends it was perfect.


Jane D. said...

My guys love playing this one by themselves too!

Gaynor said...

Just played with all three. A reluctant eldest son was persuaded to joing in, although he feels that a 'junior' game is beneath him! Definitely saw him crack a smile. I think this one could be a winner!