Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Water Bottles

This summer, my big brother paid the UK a visit. My children are always delighted by their Califorian, crazy Uncle and they were particularly amused by his pink drink bottle and his dire warnings about what might happen if you were ever to go hiking without water. He is a cub scout leader and is experienced in taking young lads into the wilds, avoiding the rattlesnakes and hanging his food in the trees to outwit the bears. His bottle is pink because, in a group of adolescent boys, no-one, no-one at all, is going to mistake it for theirs or even think about stealing it!
Yesterday we received an exciting package all the way from the States and he had been thoughtful enough to send the children bottles, pink, green and blue, and to include one each for myself and my husband. Not just water bottles, but carabiners too to hang them off our back-packs:
It was a warm day so we grabbed the inspiration and headed out.
We parked by a pub and, in the beer garden, met Duchess, a grey parrot. Apparently she can sing all of 'Half-a-pound of tuppeny rice' but she was quiet today, too scared of her new toy! We did get a 'hell0', a couple of 'yeahs' and a wolf-whistle though. Fin the park, fallen trees need climbing, and investigating for homes for the 'little people'.
And water needs teetering on the edge of, as far from the car and dry clothes as possible.

We found a bright blue jay's feather, collected sticks, ate our supplies, lay in the sun, and not a rattle-snake in sight!

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Jane D. said...

what an exciting treat from your brother, and so good to hear you were able to make the most of a beautiful day x.