Tuesday, 29 September 2009


My six-year-old daughter is learning to read. Yesterday we were spelling out the word S-H-E-D. One thing she has trouble with is keeping the "D" sound in her head and it is often transposed to a "T". Mix this in with some random vowel changes and we had a few interesting words. After a few tries we reached "shed", but there was not that face of sudden comprehension as the sounds become a recognisable whole in her head. To try to figure out if she'd understood the word, I asked her to put it in a sentence. "Jesus shed the wine." Now it was my turn to look blank: "Do you mean shared the wine?" She still looked puzzled. "No, he shed the wine, or his blood, or something." Aaah, yes, of course, Jesus shed his blood for us. She has been to enough communion services to know that. Not the first meaning of shed that comes to my mind, I was thinking of where I keep my spade!

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Jane D. said...

Fantastic - this has really brought a smile to my face today x.