Thursday, 17 September 2009

Deep calls to deep

One of the many wonderful experiences on our trip to Northern Uganda was the joy of seeing Murchison Falls. Astounding in their power and beauty, here the flow of the River Nile is forced through a 7m gap to fall 43 m, transforming the nature of the river to a calm, unruffled saunter.
Our first glimpse of the falls was on our River Safari, when we approached them from below. Spectacular in the distance, they were silent: we could see the huge waves smashing into the rocks but could hear nothing.
The next day, after a gruelling two hour trek along unmade, dirt roads, we were able to walk to the top and to see their full majesty and appreciate the thunder of the roaring water as it crashed through the gorge.
I was reminded of the psalmist writing, "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls' (Psalm 42 v 7), of how this is Creation's echo of God's wonder, of how even the rocks will cry out in praise to their Maker.
And I am reminded now that, no matter how my day-to-day is feeling, whether I am battered on the rocks, becalmed and unmotivated or rejoicing in life, the water of the Nile is still thundering over the edge, the waterfall is still roaring and there is a place of praise and peace.


Jane D. said...

beautifully written Gaynor x

Rob Green said...

Thank you Gaynor, I just read this, this morning, but curiosly yesterday (Sunday) morning I was singing the start of this same Psalm 42.. "As the deear pants for the water so my soul longs after you..."
Much Love in Jesus' name, Rob