Friday, 11 September 2009

British Science Festival

This week has seen the British Science Festival held at the University of Surrey. We went along and learned about Glorious Blood, built a balloon rocket and tested tomato ketchup,
which required some deep thought.
The ketchup testing was a CREST Star investigation and I was very interested to find out about the award scheme that they run. A quick look on their website last night suggested that these might be a great way to structure some science activity into our week and to work towards an award.
The highlight for us was definitely the birds of prey. Although we did not attend the lecture, we were able to see the birds where they were tethered outside the exhibition and to stroke the hand-reared Barn Owl (who stretched out his neck to prolong the caress in a very cat-like way). We also tailed the self-declared 'bird-ferrier) who carried the birds from their station to the lecture theatre one at a time and who explained to us the fascinating adaptions of a peregrine falcon to being the world's fastest flier (like baffles in its nose!) And the most impressive, the Canadian Bald Eagle:

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