Wednesday, 16 September 2009

12 into 8 won't go

The plan for the day had been to go to the Natural History Museum. I like to have a "Day Out" every week, it seems like a "Good Thing" and one of the primary advantages of Home Ed; but my gentle forays into resuming running and normal life after 'flu have left me literally weeping with tiredness and so I decided that a day home would be better all round. So far so good, but that is when I begin to think of all the useful, fun and educational stuff we could do if we did stay home, and my list of all the things I suddenly feel I have time for grows and grows until there are less minutes in the day than minutes of planned activity. So I was hoping to bake cookies, and a cake, and watch a film, and read poetry, and have some time by myself to work on the family history, and type up my middle son's book review, and update the family accounts, and give my eldest son a piano lesson, and order a book on the internet, and read to the children, all by 5pm when I need to leave for an appointment. It's not going to happen! I take it as a sign of the maturation process that I can spot this at 9am and, hopefully, head off the impending disaster, cut out a few (most?) of these ideas so that the rest can be done at a leisurely and enjoyable pace. I'll really know I'm there when I no longer even begin to think I can do 12 hours of stuff in 8!

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Jane D. said...

Hoorah for you - that most definately is progress!