Wednesday, 23 September 2009


My eldest son is growing like a sunflower and few of his trousers reach the top of his socks. He has also decided that he would like have a go at the 5K time trial which his younger brother and I run together on a Saturday morning. So yesterday I popped into our local supermarket and bought him some cheap trainers and some new trousers. Earlier in the day I had read this post by my very good friend Jane. She writes of her own convictions to buy fair trade and I am challenged by my own recourse to the easy and convenient. I have my excuses to hand: I am very busy and 'time-poor', searching shops with small children in tow is an unpleasant experience, every penny could be spent ten times over and low-cost clothes really help; but these excuses are not exclusive to me and I am not sure what to do with this. I would like to live differently, I would like to make the time to shop more ethically, I would like to arrange my finances to prioritise what I believe in, but right now it feels more effort than I can manage and so I live with my low-level guilt. And this is tied in with the feeling of it being one more thing that I will do when I have more time. The phrase 'baby-steps' come to mind. So, Step One: here, in this blog, which I already make time for, tomorrow, I will think through which choices I would like to change. And, Jane, you can hold me accountable to that!

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Jane D. said...

Ok Gaynor - but don't think I am sorted, there are plenty of things that I am only taking baby steps in!