Saturday, 26 September 2009

Custard Pies

While consuming ice-creams before splashing through 'Pirate Falls' at Legoland yesterday (a birthday treat), we watched the entertainment provided for those in the long weekend queues. The scene did not include any dialogue, just a lot of 'Ooh Aar'ing and gesticulation from three pirates, the middle one holding a tray with three custard pies. His companions were taking it in turns to pull various items from their jackets (a rubber chicken, for example) in an attempt to pay for a pie. Three custard pies, three pirates. You can see where this was headed. I watched, cynically amused by the sheer obviousness of the set-up, really, how would anyone find this funny? And then I looked at the faces of my two sons. Enraptured by the goings-on, their mouths slightly open in fascination, their whole attention was on the unfolding scenario. Eventually, coins were found and pies were paid for. The first pie went smack into the unsuspecting first pirate's face. My boys laughed out loud, "I guessed that was going to happen," said my eldest, with the triumphant delight of one who has been proved right. They continued to watch and giggle as the second and then the central pirate received a face-full of custard.
I wish I had a little more child-like joy, a little more silliness, a bit more kid in me. I would like to take myself a little less seriously and laugh a lot more. As I pass another sign-post on my way to maturity, I hope I am a little less grown-up this year!

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