Monday, 23 February 2009

World Maths Day

Did you know that World Maths Day is fast approaching?

My middle son has become a little obsessed and he answered over 2000 addition and subtraction sums yesterday. This caused some amazement to his schooled friend visiting for tea - you mean you do school work on a Sunday?! But he is really enjoying it. This morning his breakfast was eaten and his morning chore done in record time and he settled down with the lap-top to start the day's maths. The format is very exciting: each minute long game is played in direct competition with two or three other on-line players from around the world (a little bit of geography thrown in!) and a bar-chart shows the number of each player's correct answers as they race for the number one spot. Three wrong answers though and strike out! He has 100 correct answers today and it's only 9:15!

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