Monday, 2 February 2009


We British have a reputation for talking about the weather. I know that in the U.S. and Canada it snows professionally and what we have is really just kids' play, but even a hard-boiled cynic like me finds it difficult not to be a little excited about the heaviest snow-fall for 18 years!
We woke up to thick snow and I got first light pictures before the pristine perfection is ruffled by eager feet.

My husband's school is closed for the day, and maybe tomorrow too, so we are having an unexpected holiday
The cat was great comedy value, his paws disappearing up to his tummy the moment he stepped out. He proceeded to try to bound over it, only suceeding in landing again up to his midriff further from the door. He decided that he was safer under the table where he could use the cross-bars of the chairs to raise himself a little. He patted and ate and sneezed in his exploration of this strange, uncomfortable substance before retreating to the house. He came out again, intrigued by our games in the garden, trying to avoid being a snow-ball target yet enjoying being near us. He's now curled up on his blanket on my desk (I'm such softie!) by the heater and is a picture of contentment! Seems like a good way to spend the rest of the day!


Kathy Grubb said...

Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful snow!

I love the phrase "snows professionally". (our yard has looked like yours since early December!)

Have fun!

Jane D said...

So pleased to find someone else as excited as me Gaynor - enjoy - praise God!

Anonymous said...

From the land of professional snow, I was actually in England 18 years ago and remember sledding with a bunch of overseas students (most of the English stayed indoors) at Essex University. As I recall "for sale" signs from estate agents worked well as did a large piece of thick plastic which a bunch of people sat on, holding up the sides. It spun but that added to the fun. (not that you need more suggestions but...)

Kathy said...

How exciting for you and the children! We've had a couple warmer days here and the snow is almost gone. But the children enjoyed sledding across our icy front yard for days and bringing in icicles to save in the freezer.:-)Have fun!!
Kathy @