Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kitchen Cupboards

I had a new cupboard installed in my kitchen yesterday. We've changed the kitchen around a fair bit since we moved in to make it into the heart of my home that I envisaged: somewhere you'd love to come and natter over a cup of tea and some home-made cake, somewhere you might want to come and off-load and be prayed with, somewhere my children can sit and draw or play while I cook, somewhere I can enjoy a romantic meal with my husband or a cosy supper with a friend.
Yesterday's cupboard saw the removal of a fridge (we have another) and, in its place, a new cupboard. Oh, all that space! I proceeded to sort out and de-clutter and rearrange one cupboard at a time, creating a 'baking cupboard' in the new space, and organizing breakfast cereal and crockery more logically. By the time I had cleared out a couple of boxes for the charity shop and moved everything to my satisfaction I was left with one empty cupboard!
I was struck with the parallel with my personal, emotional life. I am doing a fair bit of sorting out of my internal world at the moment and a phrase that keeps coming up for me is 'making room for myself.' By getting rid of the stuff I don't need and don't use, by rearranging my resources, by acknowledging my desires and taking them seriously, I can create some more capacity in my own life, some space, some room to grow.

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Jane D said...

Hurrah for decluttering!! I totally agree with you Gaynor. I feel as though I have been doing rather a lot inside myself lately and cannot wait to get going on my cupboards and wardrobes upstairs - I wonder if physically decluttering is a good end product to emotionally doing the same?