Friday, 13 February 2009

Sweet Overdose

After another full day's nursing, I was getting a little irritable and snappy by tea-time yesterday. I had to work in the evening, and by 11pm my glands felt swollen, my nose scratchy and my head ached. Whatever the children have had, I've got it now! (I can't help but hope they are still ill today - I don't think I can manage with three lively kids!)
My kind husband went out to the chemist before work to provide supplies of Ibuprofen (for me) and Calpol (for the children.) Only the supermarket was open so he had to purchase off the shelf and all that was available was for infants 2+ months - my eldest son will probably need the best part of the bottle as a dose!
On reaching the till, my husband had to hand over one of the two packets of Ibuprofen he was buying. He was not allowed to buy three lots of painkillers.
I can't help but think that there would be more efficient ways of overdosing than infant paracetamol suspension for 2+months, but I guess the sticky sugaryness and the picture of a smiling baby would sweeten the pills!

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Jean N. said...

G. hope you are feeling better by now. For future maladies, you might look into something like EFT, which is free and can be highly effective. For us, alternatives to western medicine have kept us free of doctors and medications for years: homeopathy, essential oils, etc. but we've been having great success with EFT lately on all sorts of things. Especially useful as a parent, it's easy, free and simple. email me if you want more details.