Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rabbit relations

The novelty of having rabbits is wearing off. On Sunday, I was quite smitten and was even, secretly, thinking we could get some of our own. However, having cleaned out their cage twice already (despite being assured that it only needed doing once a week) and having my hands scratched to ribbons every time I pick one up, I am less enamoured! For the record, I am not picking them up to torment them, simply to move them outside to have some fresh air and some grass, or to bring them in again to be warm and dry, or to take them into the living room to hop about and have a break from living in a cage. You'd think they'd show some gratitude!
However, my husband, who hates them more than I do, has just come in with a peace offering of some apple slices, and they both hid under the stool which acts as a burrow. They don't hide when I come in, so maybe they like me more. I have also come up with the idea of using gardening gloves to re-locate them. Maybe we can still make this thing work!

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