Monday, 16 February 2009

House Guests

While my friend Jacki is away over half-term, we are rabbit-sitting.Their arrival was greeted with much excitement by my three children, but Barney wasn't too sure!

Yesterday, we had the rabbits free-range in the living room and Barney came in to join us. For a while they watched each other, creeping closer, only to back away suddenly if the other moved too quickly. Then Barney remembered that he is a cat, darn it, he's a predator. In a move strikingly resembling a lion's approach to a zebra he pounced on one of the rabbits, pinning it to the ground with his teeth at its neck! The rabbit appeared undisturbed and Barney looked a little lost, as if not sure what he was supposed to do next. However, I didn't think the prospects of Barney playing nice were high, so the rabbits were returned to their cage.


Anonymous said...

Still loving your blog. You are such a good writer with insight and entertaining. Enjoyed the Barney and rabbit cat nearly left home when we guinea-pig sat. Every time he came in he would sniff the air and go straight back out again if it still smelled of guinea pig! Enjoy half term and hope you all get well again soon.Sorry it says anonymous - doesn't seem to accept anythig else from me. Viv

Anonymous said...

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