Thursday, 9 October 2008

Three Things

This week I have achieved three things:
  1. I completed the Great North Run.
  2. I have figured out how to use my new mobile phone (well, maybe not all the features but I can work it enough) and upload the pictures I took. (It has been a long and tortuous route involving a faulty CD, customer services, downloading software and uploading photos via the laptop to the blog and then posting on the desktop, but here they are!)
  3. I have reached 100 posts on my blog!

All of these come together in my pictoral record of Sunday:

Here we are at the start. If I had remembered that I was wearing a bin-bag I would have taken it off for the photo! Although it was gloriously sunny, it was not warm.

And here we are at the end, still smiling:Sally, with the dark hair in front, kindly hosted us for the weekend, came with us to the start and met us at the finish with her two lovely children. I think she was probably more exhausted than we were by the end entertaining two little ones and pushing a buggy for two hours. Her red-headed daughter took a shine to me and, as we walked places, would dash in front of me, arms aloft, to be picked up. I could not resist her adorability. My arms were as sore as my legs but my heart was warm.

The highlight for me was the Red Arrows. They are the coolest! I was enraptured and like a child in my excitement. Sally's little girl was rather over-awed by the noise and kept her hands over her ears the whole time. I had great fun every time two planes passed each other, 'Are they going to crash into each other, are they, are they? No-oo-oo!'

Aren't they beautiful?


Kathy said...

Congratulations! I so admire your running.
Your haircut is so spunky & cute...good to see your lovely face!
Kathy @

Gaynor said...

Thank you!
One of the dangers of posting a double photo is that you can't be sure which one's which. My friend Kate is the one with the gorgeous blonde hair, and she's faster than me! :) I'm the one in the bin-bag and baseball cap - not the most flattering of pictures, but it helps to keep me modest!

Kathy said...

Ahh, sorry! I thought you were one of the ones holding a child because of what you said in your post.:-) So, you're the lovely, tallish, tan one!