Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My Victory Dance

I've done it! I've managed to rotate my pictures and then upload them to the computer. I have an enormous sense of satisfaction that I have achieved this all by myself, pieceing together a chance remark, aimlessly flicking through the phone menus (trying to change the text alert tone which I haven't managed yet) and lots of wrong turnings. My phone memory is littered with copies of photos, some rotated, which I will have to go back and sort out, and I have spent far longer than could reasonably be justified (my carpets are still unvacuumed). But this is learning in its purest sense. No-one has taught me; I know I was not efficient; I have followed many rabbit trails, but I fully understand the photo process now, the knowledge is my own and I am proud.

Here are my pictures of London.

The Hungerford foot-bridge. We walk across the Thames from Waterloo Station, over this bridge with it's fantastic views of St Paul's Cathedral on the skyline, as we enter London.
In a few minutes we're in Trafalgar Square

with The National Gallery, one of my very favourite places,

and the beautiful church of St Martin's-in-the-Field.

We leave Trafalgar Square under Admiralty Arch along the Mall. I'm not sure who this chap is, but he caught my eye!

Back through Horse Guards Parade; I'm never quite sure how they keep such a straight face.
A quick look at the Banqueting House, from where Charles I departed for execution.
And, finally, home from Waterloo Station:

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