Saturday, 4 October 2008

The British Museum

Yesterday, we went to visit The British Museum. It is a truly spectacular building, especially the Great Court.
The collection is full of the most beautiful objects from Ancient Civilisations and we spent some time in the Egyptian galleries. The children, of course, loved the mummies, including mummifed cats, falcons, crocodiles and even an eel. I was amazed to discover that the Egyptians were mummifying for more years before Christ than there have been since.
Seeing the number of cultures represented and the ages of many of the exhibits humbles me and puts my own culture and time into perspective. Whole empires have vanished. One caught my eye, brought down by economic recession.
My daughter was rather taken by four figures of a lioness goddess, Sahkmet,and amused the tourists as she plopped herself down on the floor to capture their likeness.

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Explore Academy (Think!) said...

Awesome drawings. I have fond memories of my girls plopping down in art museums and doing the same thing.