Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Great North Run - Part 2

This picture captures the best moment of the Great North Run for me. I was actually on the Tyne Bridge, the iconic image of Newcastle, as the Red Arrows soared over. This made my entire weekend - it was just fabulous!
Throughout the run, bands played, people gave us ice-bars, sweetsand orange slices, crowds cheered; the encouragement was uplifting and the atmosphere inspiring. The early miles were exciting, the middle miles tough and miles 10 and 11 bordering on the impossible. Still, my legs kept running and my lungs kept breathing and suddenly there is the '800m to go' sign, the '400m to go', the '200m to go' and the finish line. It's done, it's completed, it's achieved and it doesn't hurt any more!
At least, not until you try to climb the stairs next morning!

(I did take some pictures myself, on my new, shiny, purple mobile 'phone, specially bought so that I wouldn't have to keep remembering to take my camera with me and then finding the batteries were low. However, the software disc isn't working so I can't upload them - they'll have to feature in another post.)

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