Monday, 6 October 2008

The Great North Run

I got back late last night from a fab weekend in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with my friend Kate. We travelled up to the North East of England to take part in the Great North Run, a Half Marathon from Newcastle to South Shields by the sea. We left home before 8am on Saturday and got home last night around 11pm. My daughter was so pleased I was home that she joined me in bed for a cuddle at 6:30 am!

We travelled North from Kings Cross Station, but took the time to visit next door St Pancras for a coffee and to admire the architecture.

A little over three hours later we arrived in a rainy and cold Newcastle. I was bowled over by the beauty of many of the buildings. We visited the art gallery and bought ourselves some new kit before having tea in the refurbished 1930s Art Deco Cinema with Kate's cousin Sally. Then, with Sally's children, we headed up to the Quayside to admire the Tyne and Millenium Bridges.
After a welcome supper we took to our beds to rest and prepare for our big race.

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